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This moving documentary occasionally killed their coaches and goes behind the scenes at marine areas where orcas have wounded. The film talks about the fee to mammals and people when these wild animals are forced to invest their lives in captivity, performing a round of applause, encouragement from the instructors along with stunts for a bit of fish from the audience. Documentary filmmaker Gabriela painstakingly interviews animal experts, former pet trainers and eyewitnesses, uses previous film video and newspaper articles and examines the courtroom scenario concerning the critical attack of frequent killer whale teacher Dawn Brancheau by Tilikum, the killer whale also in charge of the deaths of two different trainers. Going far beyond traditional news coverage, Blackfish gives shocking video natural feelings and scientific explanations about sacrificing an animal’s independence for human entertainment along with ethical questions.

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Cowperthwaiteis research reveals the heightened mental component inside the heads of orcas. Sensitivity and their intelligence   the very attributes that produce them such amazing entertainers   make them unsuitable to some living in captivity according to some authorities within the film. They suggest this confinement especially having a man trapped with intense female killer whales that attacked him everyday traumatized Tilikum and made him in to a killing machine. Others tell the audience the word monster is already built right into the animal’s name. SeaWorld, where the Brancheau episode happened, did not participate in the building of this movie. Even so, the popular marine attraction with its various areas occurs throughout the movie   in media footage, personal and promotional video footage, newspaper articles and court papers and demonstrated in a commercial where a killer whale gives birth in the Orlando attraction. Interviews with former SeaWorld personnel also address the concepts and safety procedures in the park.

Although SeaWorld does not address the particular charges raised inside the film within the movie itself, its situation looks pretty apparent within the mentioned material by allowing both to learn about the other marine areas bridge the distance between people and sea creatures. The information we obtain about these mammals is then applied to provide a better environment for people as well as better medical care for them. Even so, it is difficult to watch Cowperthwaiteis amazing documentaries without taking sides. The problem in many people’s minds because they observe delicate animals divided from their loved ones and forced to experience often torturous situations and instructors maimed and being killed, will certainly be individual amusement and education to these animals worth the price. Like any great documentary, Blackfish must open viewers’ heads to consider new means of acting and thinking.